[Bucardo-general] Some more questions

rivantsiv+bucardo at gmail.com rivantsiv+bucardo at gmail.com
Sun May 20 07:49:53 UTC 2012

Dear all,

After testing Bucardo 5 BETA (4.99.4), still have some questions:

1.)  Why  do  you still need plperl in postgres, looks like all triggers are generated in
plpgsql.  Sorry,  i  am not a guru in this, but just could you explain

2.) When you do "bucardo remove sync XXXX", a message is displayed
"Table triggers were not deleted".

Does  it  mean  that  it  will  continue gethering all deltas for this
table? Could you explain why this is needed?

3.) Not standard example:

Host 1:
    Bucardo daemon
    Bucardo database

Host 2:
    DB2 = source

If  I  create a sync betwen DB2=source and DB1, it creates triggers in
DB2,  but  changes  are  not  synced, until you hit "bucardo kick sync
XXXX". DB2 has no plperl, and no Bucardo daemon.
Is such configuration supposed to work?

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