[Bucardo-general] B4 best practices for unreliable DB connections

Alexey Klyukin alexk at commandprompt.com
Sun Nov 25 21:39:03 UTC 2012


I'm looking for some best practices when running Bucardo 4 swap syncs under bad
connectivity, specifically, how to deal with serialization conflicts caused by a
combination of large bucardo transactions that accumulate data changes over
periods of connectivity loss and high rate of changes on the target DB tables?

It seems that the most efficient way to deal with this is to make Bucardo
transactions smaller by using multiple herds/syncs for a single database, but
I'd like to learn about other options.

Thank you,
Alexey Klyukin        http://www.commandprompt.com
The PostgreSQL Company – Command Prompt, Inc.

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