[Bucardo-general] duplicate key value violates unique constraint "bucardo_sequences_tablename"

Michelle Sullivan michelle at sorbs.net
Sat Aug 10 12:23:50 UTC 2013

Jonathan Brinkman wrote:
> That's clever, thank you.
> I am using 4.5.0
> How did you create the DBGroup with bucardo_ctl?
> There are 4 syncs total, 2 are push from Master to the slaves as discussed,
> and 1 push-delta sync comes from each slave to Master. Those other 2 (from
> slave to master) work fine.

I didn't use bucardo_ctl (as I said) I did it in the DB...

psql -U bucardo bucardo will get you in there...

Then something like this shoudl work:

INSERT INTO dbgroup (name, cdate) VALUES ('mydbseqsyncgrp', NOW());
INSERT INTO dbmap (db, dbgroup, priority, cdate) VALUES
('cmsfgcc_gate1', 'mydbseqsyncgrp', 1, NOW()),('cmsfgcc_gate2',
'mydbseqsyncgrp', 1, NOW());

Then add your sync with:

bucardo_ctl add sync cmsfgcc_pushdelta_gates_to_main source=cmsfgcc_main targetdb=mydbseqsyncgrp type=pushdelta

... However, just re-reading your setup (I only quickly skimmed it at
first)... have you checked it's right...?

bucardo_ctl add sync cmsfgcc_pushdelta_gate2_to_main source=cmsfgcc_gate2_to_main targetdb=cmsfgcc_main type=pushdelta
bucardo_ctl add sync cmsfgcc_pushdelta_gate1_to_main source=cmsfgcc_gate1_to_main targetdb=cmsfgcc_main type=pushdelta

Both your targetdbs are the same... that doesn't look right ... perhaps
you meant to add them the other way around where the source is
cmsfgcc_main and the targets are to be gate1 and gate2...?



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> I ran into this very problem a couple of days ago.
> The work around I found is to delete the syncs, then create a DBGroup with
> the 2 slaves in it, and add a single sync with the DB group as the target.
> If you have other seperate syncs to the 2 slaves it's a good idea to do the
> same with them, but if you can't you can create this setup manually by
> manipulating the bucardo config tables (I don't know if you can do it with
> Bucardo_ctl as I didn't try.)
> NB: I'm working with 4.5.0, I have no idea whether this will work with
> 4.99.7 (but it *should*)

Michelle Sullivan

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