[Bucardo-general] recovering from failed swap sync

Brian Youngstrom BrianY at alleninstitute.org
Thu Aug 22 19:02:54 UTC 2013


I have a master-master configuration that has been working well for several weeks.   Something happened on 8/20 to cause Bucardo to think there's a conflicting row in one of the tables and it's now unable to complete a sync.  When the sync was setup, I modified all sequences so that one side was always odd and the other always even to prevent any sequence collisions.    The sync conflict type was set to abort, anticipating that a conflict would never come up.

The row that's causing the conflict existed only on the source side.  The remote side did not have this row.  In an attempt to resolve this, I manually inserted the row on the target side.  This initiated a bucardo sync process that still died claiming a conflict.

   Bucardo 4.5.0
   Postgres 9.1

How can I determine why Bucardo thinks there's a conflict and, more importantly, resolve the conflict without issue?


Brian Youngstrom                     briany at alleninstitute.org

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