[Bucardo-general] can I replicate bucardo database itself using bucardo?

Michelle Sullivan michelle at sorbs.net
Sat Aug 24 13:53:23 UTC 2013

Dmitry E. Konyaev wrote:
> Is it possible to replicate bucardo database itself using bucardo?
> Are there success stories?
> Any known bugs or issues in multi-master replication of bucardo DB
> itself?
> The goal is to set up an HA-cluster of bucardo daemons.
> Thanks.
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In theory you should be able to - I did start setting it up at one
point, but never got around to completing the test.

The problem is you need to replicate the config, and not the tables that
get used for the replication status (eg: q) if you replicate them all
the first change will ensure it never stops replicating.  Just don't try
using 2 bucardo's at the same time from the replicated hosts... that
won't work...! :D

Michelle Sullivan

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