[Bucardo-general] bucardo replicate only last data input

axelbaltzli axel axelbaltzli at gmail.com
Thu Aug 29 12:46:39 UTC 2013

Hello, we're trying to use bucardo master -master replication set up in our
two database server. our problem was the replication suddenly stop and when
we start it, we notice that it only replicate the last input data on both
server, this may cause a discrepancy on data  for both server. is there a
way or steps to start the replication and start it where it left off and
replicated all new data on both server? We are using postgresql 8.4 and
bucardo 4.5.0 and our OS is CEntos redhat 5.4. im new in bucardo, and i've
search a lot but it it made me more confused.  thank you in advance
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