[Bucardo-general] Different databases, same tables conflict

Maurice teeceeiks at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 20:34:38 UTC 2013

I'm having trouble adding a second sync:

I have 2 separate databases A and B on machine-1, and the same A and B on
machine-2. Both databases A and B have a "users" table.

Now, I want to sync Machine 1 db A with Machine 2 db A. Using "bucardo add
table users db=db_a relgroup=sync_tables_a" it works fine.
Then I want to sync Machine 1 db B with Machine 2 db B. Using "bucardo add
table users db=db_b relgroup=sync_tables_b" I got the error "Cannot have
relations from different databases in the same relgroup (2)", is this
correct or a bug?

It seems to me that Bucardo could see that in the first sync I'm using the
database A and in the second sync database B, so there's no conflict there.
I worked around this by using different schema's for both "users" tables,
but I'd prefer to have them both in the "public" schema.

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