[Bucardo-general] swap mode bootstrap case

Mitchell Perilstein Mitchell.Perilstein at trueposition.com
Wed Feb 27 20:53:48 UTC 2013

Good day,

We're getting comfortable with 4.99.6 (git)* and Postgres in our 
high-availability master-master application.  We have an edge case to 
handle which I would like to bounce some ideas off you guys.   If we 
have swap sync established, cruising along, and the peer goes away, then 
Bucardo does a great job spooling up changes until the peer comes back, 
and then it pushes them across.  Perfect.  No question here.

The question case starts with a bunch of data on Box1, but Box2 is blank 
and I'm installing afresh.  I would like to ultimately establish a swap 
sync and get caught up.  I can do *bucardo install* on both sides, but I 
can't do *bucardo add sync* until Box2 is up and installed, meanwhile 
I'm still making new inserts on Box1_.__
__Idea 1._  Can we start with approx: *bucardo **add sync onetimecopy=2* 
to get caught up, then do *bucardo update sync *to turn it off and 
switch to regular swap sync mode.
     * If we do that, how will we tell when it's done copying?  Do a 
bunch of queries and count rows, etc?

_Idea 2._ Alternatively, is there a way to start accumulating deltas but 
don't provide anywhere to send them until later, then add and activate a 
sync to drain them to the new peer?

Thanks for any thoughts!

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