[Bucardo-general] Use case scenarios

Błażej Cegiełka blazej.cegielka at gmail.com
Tue May 7 15:42:13 UTC 2013

Hi all,

I would like to ask you guys what is/should be proper procedure for such 
* restoring data from snapshots
* bucardo MCP server/db has broken

My thoughts:
#1 - restoring:
* snapshots can be done on all nodes independently, and restore can be 
from just one (all nodes should be same)
* snapshots can be simple pg_dumped sql file
* before restore:
   ** bucardo MCP go down
   ** bucardo db is dropped
   ** bucardo install (to create fresh bucardo db)
   ** all nodes get restored from one choosen sql dump
   ** bucardo is configured with earlier configuration & started to 
handle new data changes.

#2 - bucardo server/db got has broken - well with such steps in 
restoring scenario, it will work also in this case.

Your comments?


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