[Bucardo-general] dropdb and bucardo

Markova, Nina Nina.Markova at NRCan-RNCan.gc.ca
Wed Oct 16 15:41:19 UTC 2013

Hello bucardians,

I need to reload one of the databases for which bucardo replication is set up.
I would like to do this with less effect on replication for other databases.

Bucardo 5, CentOS, multi-master (2 masters), multi-slave (2 slaves)

 Databases - webeq need a reload on all 4 servers (changing to UTF8); I plan to drop webeq and recreate it with UTF8 encoding.
-       websta need to run and replication to be running to (not critical if replication is behind for few hours).

What is the best approach for doing that without making bucardo confused?

I read that I could update encoding (the command below), but there are some caveats in doing that.

update pg_database set encoding = pg_char_to_encoding('UTF8') where datname = 'webeq'

Thanks in advance,

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