[Bucardo-general] Help: Failed to set piddir

Terence Monteiro terence at rmcbangalore.com
Thu Oct 10 17:51:03 UTC 2013


I just installed bucardo on my Dell laptop running debian 7.0 (wheezy) with
linux 3.2.0-4-amd64 kernel. I have PostgreSQL 9.1 running on port 5433. I
installed bucardo from the debian package:

 apt-get install bucardo

The installation succeded, but when I ran

# bucardo install

I got the following error:

!! Failed to set piddir to /var/run/bucardo

but then the message

Installation is now complete

However, when I run

bucardo --dbport 5433 --dbpass 'my-password' show all

Using the password from ~/.pgpass

I get this error:

 Invalid bucardo_config setting: reason_file

What am I missing?

Terence Monteiro

Redemptorist Media Center,
2nd floor, Nava Spoorthi Kendra,
Cookson Road, PO Box 8421,
Bangalore - 84.
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