[Bucardo-general] modifying a table in bucardo, including PK

Markova, Nina Nina.Markova at NRCan-RNCan.gc.ca
Mon Apr 14 17:59:38 UTC 2014

     If I remove TABLE1 from herd and db, wouldn't these delta_* tables be dropped by bucardo itself, so I don't have to drop them manually?

My idea is to remove table from bucardo herd and db, modify the base table on both - primary(masters) and secondary servers (slaves), and then 
Add it again in bucardo, this time with new structure and new PK.

1) remove TABLE1 from db, herd, sync
2) modify TABLE1 (incl.PK) - alter table ...command (on masters and secondary servers)
3) add modified TABLE1 to bucardo in db, herd, sync
4) validate sync, start bucardo


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On Fri, Apr 11, 2014 at 05:21:31PM +0000, Markova, Nina wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a table TABLE1  that is being replicated in bucardo.
> I need to change the table structure -  will add more fields, some of which will be part of PK (i.e. PK will change too).
> What is the best approach doing that? I wasn't able to find a blog for that.

I think the support table (delta_*) may need to be dropped/recreated as well, as it will have the old pk. May have to drop the function too. I will test it out at some point.

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