[Bucardo-general] multi master / one DB is disconnected

Michelle Sullivan michelle at sorbs.net
Mon Aug 11 14:51:23 UTC 2014

Gelareh Abooghadareh wrote:
> Hi dear Bucardo group,
> I try to sync more than two ( e.g. 3 )  master, master DB syncs with
> bucardo like :
> (A->C  , A->B)
> all DBs are on diffrent pcs.
> Bucardo is installed on A which is connected to internet all the time.
> But once B is disconnected and logically A->B will not work. But also
> A-> doesn't work anymore.
> I have tried to set two DB grpoups:
> dbgroup1:
> A:master, B:master
> dbgroup2:
> A:master, C:master
> and two syncs
> sync1 with dbgroup1
> sync2 with dbgroup2
> I also have tried to set parameter lifetime for the syncs to 30Seconds
> which it didn't work.
> Have you any suggestions for me?
If you're doing what I think (which it appears to be, it won't work)

If you have 3 masters (multimaster) for the same tables you cannot have
2 syncs like that - you need to put them all in the same sync.

However if one goes down it will take the sync down completely.


Michelle Sullivan

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