[Bucardo-general] Unable to perform replication in Bucardo in a Master-Slave setting

Hadri Rahman hadri90 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 02:03:03 UTC 2014

When I was trying to perform replication from Master to Server, the
replication was able to run on the Master server, but the table in the
slave database did not receive and apply the changes.

According to the Bucardo mailing list, to see the schema needed to perform
the sync, type the `/dn` command to show it.

On Master side, the command reveals this:

     List of schemas
     Name        |     Owner
     bucardo    |    bucardo
     public        |    postgres
     test        |    postgres
     testschema    |    postgres

On the Slave side, however:

     List of schemas
     Name        |     Owner
     public        |    postgres

Another suggestion is to insert data into the table at the master side, and
see if there are changes made on the slave side but there is no change.
And when running `bucardo status` on the master server, it shows this:

     PID of Bucardo MCP: 1852
     Name        State        Last Good    Time        Last I/D        Last

     Example    Good        Dec 10, 2014    18h 37m 55s    0/0        none

But on the slave server the result is:

     DBI connect (‘dbname=bucardo’, ‘bucardo’,…) failed: fe_sendauth: no
password supplied at /usr/local/bin/bucardo line 296

I’ve tried removing the recovery.conf file in the slave server so that I
can install Bucardo and add the user Bucardo to the database but it failed
to do so.
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