[Bucardo-general] Replication failed in a master-slave setting

Hadri Rahman hadri90 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 10:11:27 UTC 2014

Referring to my earlier issue where I was able to perform replication on a
master server, but the databases were not updated on the slave server. I
then tried to re-install Bucardo on the slave server but when I do that I
would get an error message saying:

INSTALLATION FAILED!  (psql:bucardo:schema:45: ERROR: cannot execute CREATE
FUNCTION in a read-only transaction)

I then removed the recovery.conf file and installed it. But when I
performed replication in Bucardo, when I looked at the Bucardo status in
the slave server (although technically it isn't one anymore), Bucardo then
infromed "No syncs have been created yet."

I then added the recovery.conf file again, reverting the server to a slave
server, and when I invoked the status, I received an error message:

DBD::Pg::db do failed: ERROR: cannot execute LISTEN during recovery at
/usr/local/bin/bucardo line 307

I then went into psql and checked the contents of the database. In the
master server,
the command \dn gives this output:

     List of schemas
     Name        |     Owner
     bucardo    |    bucardo
     public        |    postgres
     test        |    postgres
     testschema    |    postgres

And \dt gives the following relations:

Schema | Name    | Type       | Owner
public    | example | table       | postgres
public    | testing   | table       | postgres

While the slave side gave the following information

   Name        |     Owner
     public        |    postgres


Schema | Name    | Type       | Owner
public    | rep_test  | table       | postgres
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