[Bucardo-general] Row missed when bucardo is replicating

杨兴 brianyang81 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 09:30:18 UTC 2014

I find some rows are missed while bucardo is performing replication.
I configured bucardio with M2M replication and insert 5 million rows in
servicetoken table of siteA. But I find 5m-4 rows are replicated to siteB.
4 rows are lost. Even I deactivate/activate sync and restart bucardo, the
lost rows can never be replicated to siteB.

I check bucardo delta table and find no rows are missed.

I also test it with 500 thousand rows, there are also 3 rows missed.
Then I test again and again. The issue is not 100% reproducible but it can
happen 4 times of 10.

Here is my bucardo provisionings:

bucardo1:~ # bucardo list all
-- customcodes:
There are no entries in the 'customcode' table.
-- customnames:
No customnames have been added yet
-- customcols:
No customcols have been added yet
-- dbgroups:
dbgroup: sync1  Members: ses_siteA:target ses_siteB:source
dbgroup: sync2  Members: ses_siteA:source ses_siteB:target
-- databases:
Database: ses_siteA  Status: active  Conn: psql -p 8896 -U bucardo -d ses
Database: ses_siteB  Status: active  Conn: psql -p 8896 -U bucardo -d ses
-- relgroup:
Relgroup: alpha  DB: ses_siteA  Members: public.servicetoken,
  Used in syncs: sync1
Relgroup: beta   DB: ses_siteB  Members: public.servicetoken,
  Used in syncs: sync2
-- syncs:
Sync "sync1"  Relgroup "alpha"  DB group "sync1" ses_siteA:target
ses_siteB:source  [Active]
Sync "sync2"  Relgroup "beta"   DB group "sync2" ses_siteA:source
ses_siteB:target  [Active]
-- tables:
11. Table: public.servicetoken   DB: ses_siteB  PK: srvtoken (varchar)
9.  Table: public.servicetoken   DB: ses_siteA  PK: srvtoken (varchar)
10. Table: public.simdeviceinfo  DB: ses_siteA  PK: imsi (varchar)
12. Table: public.simdeviceinfo  DB: ses_siteB  PK: imsi (varchar)
-- sequences:
There are no sequences.
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