[Bucardo-general] Missing customcode table

Jaryd Malbin jaryd at jaryd.org
Thu Feb 6 08:55:35 UTC 2014


I'm spinning up a new Bucardo server, and am running into a weird
issue. I'm running on Ubuntu 12.04 with Perl 5.16.3, and I've
downloaded the latest stable (4.5.0) source from bucardo.org. The
install goes smoothly (no errors), but when I attempt to start adding
tables I get the following error:

[03:37 AM root at babar Bucardo-4.5.0 ]# bucardo_ctl add table tablename

DBD::Pg::st execute failed: ERROR:  relation "bucardo.customcode" does
not exist

LINE 1: SELECT * FROM bucardo.customcode

                      ^ at /usr/local/[1]ddg.cpan/perl5/bin/bucardo_ctl
line 2035.

I checked out the bucardo database, and it seems that the customcode
table never got created. However, I grepped through the source
directory and definitely see the table definition in the schema
(blib/share/bucardo.schema +2748). Am I missing something obvious here?
Or could this be a bug?


Jaryd Malbin
jaryd at jaryd.org


1. http://ddg.cpan/perl5/bin/bucardo_ctl
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