[Bucardo-general] Bucardo Replication not working

Selva manickaraja mavles78 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 03:54:53 UTC 2014

Hi Bucardo(ens),

I installed Bucardo with "sudo make install", continued by  "bucardo
install". I updated the PIC directory to "/var/lib/bucardo" as it complaint
the default path not available in my system. The installation completed
successfully I suppose as the database pointed to in the "/etc/bucardorc"
file was able to create the bucardo database and user.

I have pg9.3 running on port

5432 - as bucardo database
5433 - as master1
5435 - as master2

Following commands used to add db and sync.
adding db - "bucardo add db master1 dbname=np host=localhost port=5433
user=postgres pass=postgres,master2 dbname=np host=localhost port=5435
user=postgres pass=postgres"

adding sync - "bucardo add sync np_mm_repl
dbs=master1:source,master2:source tables=all"

The commands successfully created the dbs and sync. So when I typed bucardo
status , the sync get displayed (screen attached). I psql to master1 and
master2 to insert and delete records to "tbl_1". But the data does not seem
to be replicated between these 2 tables from these 2 databases. Looks like
replication is not working though bucardo seem to be running.

Can someone please help me out to shed some light on what is not right here?

Highly appreciate your help.
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