[Bucardo-general] Stalled sync status

Hans van der Riet hans at electude.nl
Tue Nov 11 22:23:27 UTC 2014


Running Bucardo 5.1.1, I understand syncs now can get 'stalled' so a 
broken sync no longer blocks the other syncs from being updated. Doing 
some experiments I noticed the following:

When I shut down PostgreSQL on one of the nodes in a sync, the KID exits 
and the MCP marks the affected db and sync as stalled. New KIDs get 
started, and exit as long as PostgreSQL is down. Running 'bucardo 
status' says the state of the sync is bad.

Then I start PostgreSQL again. The KID finished the syncrun and 'bucardo 
status' says the state of the sync is good.

Bucardo keeps on running, but nothing happens anymore because the sync 
is still stalled. 'bucardo status' reports the state of the sync as 
good. Doing a restart marks the sync and db again as active and 
everything returns to normal.

Is restarting the only way to 'unstall' a sync? Is the best/only way to 
monitor if a sync is stalled doing a 'select status from sync'?

Kind regards
Hans van der Riet

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