[Bucardo-general] multiple syncs on one database?

Paul Theodoropoulos paul at anastrophe.com
Mon Sep 22 17:52:00 UTC 2014

We have only a few databases, but a lot of tables that are updated quite 
frequently. E.g. our 'trumgr_group' db has 100 tables for unit_history, 
and 100 tables for unit_stats.

Last week we performed a (sort-of) ETL to merge 4 million records for 
22,000 'legacy' router units that were maintained in old infrastructure. 
Our import went very well, and I simply did a redeployment of bucardo 
from 'scratch' after we were done to set up everything fresh on the 
replicant masters.

However, with all the new data, the syncs seem to be laboring a bit. Our 
routers can 'talk' to either of our masters, and we're now getting 
Conflicts. The conflicts get resolved - but bucardo will throw a 'could 
not serialize', and the sync will go 'bad' for a while. It eventually 
seems to get itself straightened out on its own, but for the interval 
when it's doing so, we get inconsistent data reported in our application 
that customer service uses to monitor and review individual router 
statistics and data.

What I'm wondering is, could I break up the sync of those hundreds of 
tables that are in one db into separate syncs for say each ten tables? 
And more importantly - would there be any value in this - would having 
separate syncs make the each sync iteration a smaller 'chunk' which 
bucardo could chrew through more effectively, and resolve conflicts more 

Paul Theodoropoulos

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