[Bucardo-general] Bucardo version 5.4.0 released

Greg Sabino Mullane greg at endpoint.com
Wed Aug 12 17:05:12 UTC 2015

Version 5.4.0 of Bucardo has been released. This fixes a number 
of bugs and introduces a few minor behavior changes, but nothing 
too major.

Download here:


Checksums for this tarball:

d29ab7f200c7ea568dfdc0ed3781087b  Bucardo-5.4.0.tar.gz
d08e86d1b6624e0cb6bd210b9613217aac415a10  Bucardo-5.4.0.tar.gz

From the Changes file:

Bucardo version 5.4.0, released August 6, 2015 (git commit a0eff9f6558cc2c6b19e4e675604250ad00ce420)

  - Allow dashes in valid schema and table names
    [David Christensen]

  - New command "bucardo delta [syncname...]" to show number of pending 
    delta rows on source databases.
    [Greg Sabino Mullane]

  - Fix incorrect usage of the 'dbconn' parameter in the bucardo.db table
    [Greg Sabino Mullane, reported by Alexandre Busquets]

  - Fix case where VAC sometimes skipped databases used in multiple syncs.
    [Greg Sabino Mullane, reported by Andrey Solovjov]

  - Adjustments for new version of ExtUtils::MakeMaker
    [Mathieu Arnold]

  - When doing target deletes, use the quoted version of the primary key column names.
    [Greg Sabino Mullane]

  - Make sure we do not signal other syncs during makedelta runs if the other 
    syncs are inactive or have autokick off.
    [Greg Sabino Mullane]

  - Allow code with 'array_agg' to work on Postgres <= 8.2,
    along with many other minor changes to support older versions.
    [Greg Sabino Mullane]

  - Add new internal function bucardo_purge_delta_oid which helps the 
    VAC process work better on older versions of Postgres (<= 8.2)
    [Greg Sabino Mullane]

  - Add new function bucardo_purge_sync_track which removes all track 
    and delta entries for a given sync. Use with care.
    [Greg Sabino Mullane]

  - Allow 'bucardo validate' to drop the autokick triggers if they are no longer needed.
    [Greg Sabino Mullane]

  - Add 'PRAGMA defer_foreign_keys' for sqlite targets
    [Greg Sabino Mullane]

  - Do not try to apply 'READ WRITE' when doing the initial SET TRANSACTION for MySQL and MariaDB,
    as that option is not supported across all versions.
    [Greg Sabino Mullane]

  - Remove default value from sync.isolation_level, so we can default to 
    the global one when needed.
    [Greg Sabino Mullane]

  - Improve workings of the 'pkonly' argument to "bucardo add tables"
    [Greg Sabino Mullane]

  - Make 'bucardo list relgroup foo' show the tables in priority order.
    [Greg Sabino Mullane]

  - Make 'bucardo list all' a little less verbose for some not-so-common items
    [Greg Sabino Mullane]

  - Fix up the "add relgroup" call to allow it to work for capitalized relations,
    and remove a prepare_cached error that could occur.
    [Greg Sabino Mullane]

  - Allow validate_sync to check the contents of functions for upgrade,
    not just their existence.
    [Greg Sabino Mullane]

  - Do not 'RESET search_path' inside some of the internal functions.
    [Greg Sabino Mullane]

  - Sleep longer between stop and start when doing 'bucardo restart'
    [Greg Sabino Mullane]

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