[Bucardo-general] Monitoring Bucardo with PRTG

Jay Lee jjlee at lucasfilm.com
Thu Dec 17 04:09:17 UTC 2015

Hello everyone,

I'd like to be able to monitor the status of syncs through PRTG (similar in purpose to Nagios). I will probably run a query to return a value to PRTG to indicate whether there may be a replication problem.

Because data changes are irregular, I cannot rely on the last good time from the status command, since it may vary from minutes (during busy work days) to days (weekends). Ideally, I would check the last good time only if there are changes to replicate.

What tables should I query for such information? Or alternatively, does a solution already exist for PRTG? Google does not return any useful results.

I am using Bucardo 5.3.1 with Postgres 9.3.6.

Thanks in advance,
Jay Lee
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