[Bucardo-general] Add new master to existing sync

Laurent GARCES laurent.garces at l-rd.fr
Thu Feb 26 10:10:36 UTC 2015

Hi Greg,

We had tried that but it does not seem to create the bucardo schema on 
What must we do more so that this will be done?


Laurent GARCES
LRD www.l-rd.fr
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Le 25/02/2015 19:46, Greg Sabino Mullane a écrit :
> On Tue, Feb 24, 2015 at 11:04:18AM +0100, Laurent GARCES wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We would like to be able to add new database source to existing sync.
>> Here is what we for now that does not work:
>> bucardo add db db dbname=... host=... user=... password=...
>> bucardo add db db1 dbname=... host=... user=... password=...
>> bucardo add sync sync dbs=db:source,db1:source tables=all
>> (This is OK)
>> Then we thougth we should do something like this:
>> bucardo add db db2 dbname=... host=... user=... password=...
>> bucardo uppdate sync sync dbs=db:source,db1:source,db2=source tables=all
> update sync doesn't have a lot of brains. What you have to do is change
> the underlying dbgroup that the sync uses. You can find the name of it
> by doing:
> bucardo list sync syncname
> It will probably be the same name as the sync itself. Then you can modify it
> and tell it all the databases and their roles that should be in it. For
> the example above, you would do:
> bucardo update dbgroup foobar db:source db1:source db2:source
> Documentation and functionality-improving patches welcome. :)

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