[Bucardo-general] Bucardo weird errors on buzy system

sym39 marechal.sylvain2 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 27 16:05:25 UTC 2015

>>> Last question, may be related or not : I notice that some sync
>>> sometimes become inactive. After that, I find no way to make then
>>> work again, using bucardo activate XXX does not solve, and stopping
>>> / restarting the daemon does not help, and nothing special is
>>> present in the logs to explain what is wrong. So why a sync can
>>> become inactive, why and what to do in this case?
>> If a database involved in the sync is inactive, the sync will go
>> inactive as well. The logs should be giving some clue as to what
>> is going on. Try bumping the log_level up (perhaps to DEBUG) and
>> see if that gives you a better message.
> To reproduce this, I "simply" kill postgres (killall -9 postgres) on 
> the same host bucardo
> daemon is running on. (I am sure there are other ways to reproduce 
> this, but at least, this method works)
> Then I restart postgres, restart bucardo, and check that fresh data is 
> added in all tables.
> After that, some of the syncs are still active, the other are stalled, 
> and I find no way to
> activate them again.
I notice that if I manually change the status from 'stalled' to 'active' 
in the bucardo.sync table (update bucardo.sync set status = 'active';), 
things look to work again, after reloading / restarting the configuration.

I guess this is related with the threads "Stalled sync status" 
/ "bucardo 5.1.1 stalled?" 

Is it a good idea to manually update the bucardo.sync table? I guess it 
would be better if things could happen automatically.

Thanks and Regards,


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