[Bucardo-general] Change in table structure

Michelle Sullivan michelle at sorbs.net
Thu Jul 16 10:00:44 UTC 2015

Maryam Rabiee wrote:
> I want to know how Bucardo handles changes in tables structure , when
> one column is added to a table in master , what should be done in
> order to sync it with slave?
> and also when we've added all tables what happen if a new table is
> added to database?

You will need to add it to both the master and slaves then assuming it's
not a PK or part of the PK for that table just reload the sync
(restarting the bucardo will do this)  If you have data in one and not
the other you may have a lot more problems though...

For a new table you'll need to add it on the master and slave, add it to
bucardo, add it to a sync and restart.

Michelle Sullivan

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