[Bucardo-general] Problems syncing multiple databases

John Jeffers jjeffers at tendrilinc.com
Mon Jun 1 20:20:29 UTC 2015

Thanks for the reply. Here are the exact commands.

First, create DB1 on remote, then dump and restore *schema only* from
source to dest using pg_dump/pg_restore.

Next, run these commands:
bucardo add db db1_local dbame="DB1" addalltables addallsequences
bucardo add db db1_remote dbname="DB1" pghost=rds.remote.host
dbuser=username dbpass=password
bucardo add dbgroup db1_dbgroup db1_local:source db1_remote:target
bucardo add sync db1_sync tables=all dbs=db1_dbgroup autokick=0

Next, dump and restore *data only* from source to dest using

Finally, run:
bucardo update sync db1_sync autokick=1
bucardo start

When I try to run this same sequence of commands on DB2 and DB3, it fails
at the "add sync" step.

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On Mon, Jun 1, 2015 at 2:12 PM, Greg Sabino Mullane <greg at endpoint.com>

> On Mon, Jun 01, 2015 at 01:53:13PM -0600, John Jeffers wrote:
> > So, to get around this, I attempted to add a new relgroup for DB2.
> > However, there are tables with the same names in DB1 and DB2, so it also
> > fails when I try to create the relgroup.
> Cannot say for sure without seeing what exact commands you are trying,
> but if you want to add a table from a specific database, you can
> add the database to the end of the "add table" command like so:
> bucardo add table foobar db=DB2
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> Greg Sabino Mullane greg at endpoint.com
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