[Bucardo-general] Sync stops when one servers fails

Johan Peeters johan at ndt.lu
Fri Oct 16 15:08:01 UTC 2015

We have a 3 DB's setup in master-master environment.

Syncing works fine as long there is no problem, but when one server goes down the synchronization completely stops.

Is this a bug or is it the way Bucardo is built ?

I think the scenario when a server fails should be like this:
-  the synchronization between the other running servers continues
-- the failed server should be deactivated in the sync (and have to be activated manually later) OR
-- Bucardo tries to make connection to the failed one (and when its online sync the missing records)

Is there a workaround ?

We are using Bucardo version 5.4.1 with Postgresql
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