[Bucardo-general] excuseme why the State is always by "Begin txn"

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Thu Oct 22 15:08:12 UTC 2015

Hi all:
   Thank you for viewing this email. And , I want to ask you a question,
This question is:
We have 19 databases by bucardo to sync ,used Source to Source ,and makedelta=1
sync1 mydb1: source mydb2: source
sync2 mydb1: source mydb3: source
sync3 mydb1: source mydb4: source
Until sync18
the db mydb1  makedelta=1
now the database size is 25G+
Now there is a difficult problem.   
When I add a new sync to bucardo is long times than 20Days and  State is always by "Begin txn"

Method of establishing new database:
pg_dump mydb1 > xx.sql   and psql -h mydb20 -d openbravo < xx.sql
and I've tried to  "DROP SCHEMA bucardo CASCADE;" on mydb20 but not on the mydb1

What is the reason for this?How can I get it to start quickly? for Incremental synchronization....
And we used remote network, the speed is only 4Mbps

The following is my method of operation:
bucardo add db mydb1 dbhost= dbuser=postgres dbport=5432 dbname=openbravo
bucardo add db mydb2 dbhost=x.x.x.x dbuser=postgres dbport=5432 dbname=openbravo dbpass=***
bucardo add relgroup myrelg all table
bucardo add dbgroup mydbgmydb1:source mydb2:source
bucardo add sync sync1 relgroup=myrelg dbgroup=mydbg
bucardo update db mydb1 makedelta=1
bucardo validate all
bucardo start 
On different dates to do like above operation.

bucardo add db mydb3 dbhost=y.y.y.y dbuser=postgres dbport=5432 dbname=openbravo dbpass=***
bucardo add dbgroup mydbg2 mydb1:source mydb3:source
bucardo add sync sync2 relgroup=myrelg dbgroup=mydbg2
bucardo validate all
bucardo restart 
bucardo add sync sync19...
bucardo add sync sync20...

Problems arise at add sync19 and sync20 ,the State always  by "Begin txn"
Looking forward to your reply.
Thank you for taking the time to read this email.

This world had you, so become more fine; Let this quarterly of the sunlight and mirths all condescend to come lightly because of you, wishing your life delectation!

Thanks a lot !

from dder

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