[Bucardo-general] Bucardo 5.4 replication with 2db with no primary key in some tables

Marcelo M. Martins (M3 System) marcelo.martins at m3system.com.br
Fri Sep 4 13:16:51 UTC 2015


I need to replicate 2 dbs (dbs1 source master and dbs2 dest slave ) with 
postgresql 9.4.1 with bucardo 5.4, but the db1 have some tables with no 
primary key and bucardo stop in the validate process.

How can I use bucardo in this situation ?
I read the wiki and insctruc to use ontimecopy, but I am new in Bucardo 
and need some help in this issues ok
Please help me.

Best Ragard´s
Marcelo Moreira Martins
M3 System Integrator
marcelo at m3system.com.br

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