[Bucardo-general] adding tables in non-alphanumeric schemas

Ben Chobot bench at silentmedia.com
Tue Jan 12 06:28:04 UTC 2016

I am trying to use Bucardo 5.4.1 to replicate tables in schemas containing non-alphanumeric characters, such as "foo+bar" or "foo$". Bucardo is freaking out at bucardo line 5188, because it isn't able to match such tables against the regex:

if ($name !~ /^([-\w ]+)\.([-\w ]+)$/o)

Now maybe it's just late but I don't think I understand the point of this check. I think it's supposed to be a sanity check, but if so, then it seems to disallow perfectly reasonable schema names while allowing invalid ones. Wouldn't a better check be:

if ($name !~ /^([^\.\s]+)\.([^\.\s]+)$/o)

…or am I missing the point?
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