[Bucardo-general] Change primary key on table

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Tue May 24 14:13:00 UTC 2016


Hi everyone, 

I needed remove and drop table in my bucardo instance
(master1, master2, master3) servers, cause a table has created with a
different primary key columns, so I change the column name. Example:

create table a (a int primary key, b text) ; 

column a is wrong,
instead of re-created the table with other column name 

drop table a ;
create table a (pa int primary key, b text) ; 

when a executed these
commands, bucardo get the first version on table a with a column "a"
primary key. This make a generate "delta_public_a" to be created with
column "a". 

several commands I executed but didn't work to remove
table reference on bucardo environment. 

busardo purge, remove, etc

so, I made changes on bucardo delta tables (alter table
bucardo.delta_public_a rename column a to pa;), change trigger functions
([new|old].a to [new|old].pa) and re-created index existents on my three
masters instances. 

And work! 

My question is if exist a way on
command line or script bash or perl to make this action. 


Emanuel Araujo 
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