[Bucardo-general] Change primary key on table

emanuel at proabakus.com.br emanuel at proabakus.com.br
Wed May 25 17:56:49 UTC 2016


Em 24.05.2016 14:30, Michelle Sullivan escreveu: 

> If you don't
have current running replication (as in changes to commit) 
> you could
drop (cascade) the bucardo schema and reinstall... That would 
> be the
quickest and simplest - otherwise if this is a working env with 
> this
one problem you'll need to manually go through the bucardo tables 
> and
remove the errant references (psql -U bucardo bucardo to see

Correct! My environment is production and needed change tables,
indexes and trigger function on bucardo schema. But I think this would
be improvement to bucardo ctl, remove all table references ... 


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