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Alter your file pg_hba.conf, or paste configuration here.
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    Em Quarta-feira, 31, Agosto 2016 14:24:13, Bhavesh Odedra <bodedra at ursainfosystems.com> escreveu:

 Hello Respected Team,

I am willing to learn Bucardo.

I face some problem when add table into bucardo.

What I have tried so far ?

I have created master database with openerp postgres user.

    - Setup Source Database

        export SOURCE_HOST=localhost
        export SOURCE_PORT=5432  
        export SOURCE_DATABASE=master
        export SOURCE_USERNAME=openerp  
        export SOURCE_PASSWORD=openerp

    - Setup Destination Database
        export DEST_HOST=localhost 
        export DEST_PORT=5432  
        export DEST_DATABASE=slave  
        export DEST_USERNAME=openerp  
        export DEST_PASSWORD=openerp    
    - Finally, the tables to be migrated
        export TABLES="-t res_partner"
        export TABLES_WITH_SPACES="res_partner"
    - Set up the Destination Database
        cat >> $HOME/.pgpass <<EOL  
    - Create schema.sql 
    - Create Slave database
    - Load schema into Slave
    - Setting up Bucardo Sync (Source Database and  Destination Database) 
    - Now I am trying to add the tables we want to migrate and add them to a "copying herd"
        ./bucardo add tables res_partner db=master
I got following error:

openerp at odedra-Lenovo-Z50-70:/usr/local/src/bucardo$ ./bucardo add tables res_partner db=master
DBI connect('dbname=master;host=localhost;port=5432','openerp',...) failed: FATAL:  password authentication failed for user "openerp"
FATAL:  password authentication failed for user "openerp" at ./bucardo line 8632.

I have analytic script bucardo. I have confusion with dbuser and dbpass variable declared at line number 84, 85.

    (I have tried with dbuser = 'openerp' and dbpass='openerp' but result same)

May you guide me what should I change to fix above error?

Looking forward

 With regards,
Bhavesh Odedra

|  | Bhavesh Odedra - Odoo Software Developer 

Ursa Information Systems
1706 Plum Lane, Suite 127
Redlands, California, 92374

Office:     1-855-URSA ERP
              1-855-877 2377

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