[Bucardo-general] Column order and foreign key

Laurent GARCES laurent.garces at l-rd.fr
Thu Mar 23 09:45:40 UTC 2017


We have a 4 master replication setup that have been created with:

bucardo add db shared_db_on_host1 dbname=shared_db host=host1 user=user 
bucardo add db shared_db_on_host2 dbname=shared_db host=host2 user=user 
bucardo add db shared_db_on_host3 dbname=shared_db host=host3 user=user 
bucardo add sync shared 
bucardo add db shared_db_on_host4 dbname=shared_db host=host4 user=user 
bucardo update dbgroup shared shared_db_on_host1:source 
shared_db_on_host2:source shared_db_on_host3:source 
bucardo validate sync shared

The database schema is the same on all host. But the fields order on 
host4 is different in some tables.
So when we insert data on host4, the data are also inserted on host 1 to 
3 but they are not in the right column.

host 4:
SELECT * FROM table;
*ID      Value *
id1     value1
/id2     value2   <- inserted on host4/

host 1-3:
SELECT * FROM table;
*ID      Value *
id1     value1
/value2  id2     <- inserted on host4/

Moreover ID has a foreign key constraint that is not respected as the 
fields are inverted.
So my questions:
   - Is this a "normal behaviour" of Bucardo?
   - If yes, is there a way to force Bucardo to use column name instead 
of just using column order?
   - How can Bucardo can bypass the foreign key constraint?

Laurent GARCES
LRD www.l-rd.fr
+33 (0)4 67 92 52 56

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