[Bucardo-general] [HELP] bucardo: sync status "Begin txn" and tables are not updated

Saiful Muhajir saifulmuhajir at gmail.com
Fri May 5 06:46:20 UTC 2017

We have configured the master in RDS to slave in EC server.
Upon initialisation the replication seems to be working. But once the
initialisation is completed, the status is only saying '
*Begin txn (KID 123)*".
The problem is there was no error in the bucardo log but the tables on
slave are updated very slowly. And the update happened after I restart

This only happened on sync2 where I have 34 tables to replicate. And they
are busy tables.

The detail configuration and log can be seen here:

Last good                : May 05, 2017 13:15:27 (time to run: 5m 31s)
Rows deleted/inserted    : 163,084 / 412,628
Last bad                 : May 05, 2017 09:47:09 (time until fail: 3h 28m
Sync name                : sync2
Current state            : Begin txn (KID 15211)
Source relgroup/database : herd2 / rds_source
Tables in sync           : 34
Status                   : Active
Check time               : None
Overdue time             : 00:00:00
Expired time             : 00:00:00
Stayalive/Kidsalive      : Yes / Yes
Rebuild index            : No
Autokick                 : Yes
Onetimecopy              : No
Post-copy analyze        : Yes
Last error:              : Ended (CTL 13228)


Saiful Muhajir <http://saifulmuhajir.web.id>
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