[Bucardo-general] How does Bucardo 5.x handles DELETES?

Raghu Udiyar raghu at helpshift.com
Fri Apr 6 08:10:12 UTC 2018


We are seeing that row deletes are not being propagated to the target PG
db. This is a PG one way sync using Bucardo 5.4.1
(using quick_delta_check=0).

In Bucardo logs we always see *deletes=0*, but deletes are happening on the
table in question.

I was trying to figure out how deletes are handled in Bucardo. I can see
the DELETE trigger adds the OLD values to the corresponding delta table,
but the table does not have any field to indicate if this is a DELETE or
not. The same is done for INSERT albeit using the NEW values. Only thing
added is the *txntime*. Is this used to implicitly delete records as a side
effect of an row insert/update ?


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