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The whole point of clustering is to remove single points of failure. How does one set up bucardo on multiple nodes so that you don’t end up with the only bucardo daemon offline, and effectively without a cluster?

Tyler Hains
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Hi Ning,

You should only run the bucardo commands on a single node (the server that you are running the “bucardo daemon” on).  That node can be, but need not be, one of the database nodes.  There is a single Bucardo daemon, not one that runs on each nose, so it is unnecessary (and unadvised) to have them running on each node.

When setting up a multi-master database cluster, you will just add each of the databases in the database groups as sources; it will work out that you mean to do a multi-master cluster.

Updating your example:

./bucardo add db mmdb01 dbname=test host=mmdb01 user=bucardo
./bucardo add db mmdb02 dbname=test host=mmdb02 user=bucardo
./bucardo add db mmdb03 dbname=test host=mmdb03 user=bucardo
./bucardo add all tables -T test1 herd=mmdb_herd
./bucardo add dbgroup mmdb_db_group  mmdb01:source
./bucardo add dbgroup mmdb_db_group  mmdb02:source
./bucardo add dbgroup mmdb_db_group  mmdb03:source
./bucardo add sync mmdb_sync herd=mmdb_herd dbs=mmdb_db_group autokick=0
./bucardo validate mmdb_sync
./bucardo update sync mmdb_sync autokick=1
./bucardo start

As far as the stalling behavior, that is currently how Bucardo is written, so this is a known issue.


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