[Bucardo-general] question regarding decommissioning bucardo

Paul Theodoropoulos paul at anastrophe.com
Mon May 14 18:52:45 UTC 2018

Several years ago I implemented bucardo to sync between two locations, 
for both our "PRE" environments, and "Production" environments. It's 
worked dandy for us.

However, the sync of the PRE environment is rather pointless at this 
juncture, it was where I built it all out, but it serves no useful purpose.

I ran the assorted bucardo commands to remove the syncs, relgroups, 
db's, etc etc. But....there's some leftovers - lots of leftovers, that 
take up precious disk space, and that I'd like to get rid of, e.g.:

                 relation                 | total_size
  bucardo.delta_public_group_stats        | 4453 MB
  bucardo.delta_public_unit_monthly_stats | 43 MB
  bucardo.delta_public_group_daily_stats  | 3656 kB
bucardo.track_public_group_stats        | 1504 kB
  bucardo.delta_public_units              | 528 kB
  bucardo.delta_public_group_weekly_stats | 312 kB
  bucardo.bucardo_delta_names             | 216 kB
  bucardo.delta_public_customer_features  | 200 kB
  bucardo.delta_public_unit_history_91    | 176 kB

etc etc

and there's also hundreds of triggers left behind as well. Is it safe to 
just drop those bucardo tables and triggers? Is there an order I should 
do it in?

Paul Theodoropoulos

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