[Bucardo-general] Which way does the sync run?

Paul Tader ptader at spoton.com
Mon Sep 24 19:56:54 UTC 2018

On Sep 24, 2018, 2:38 PM -0500, David Christensen <david at endpoint.com>, wrote:
> > On Sep 24, 2018, at 12:19 PM, Paul Tader <ptader at spoton.com> wrote:
> >
> > Just checking. Burcardo is running but I see some concerning messages in the logs likes it’s modifying or deleting data in the source database. The source database is called “qaec2” and the destination is called “qards”
> >
> > I see these messages in the bucardo logs while its running. Should I be concerned?
> >
> > ...
> > (1946) [Mon Sep 24 17:11:38 2018] KID (qasync) Deleting from target qaec2.db.table_name (round 140 of 141)
> > (1946) [Mon Sep 24 17:11:38 2018] KID (qasync) Deleting from target qaec2.db.table_name (round 141 of 141)
> > (1946) [Mon Sep 24 17:11:38 2018] KID (qasync) Rows deleted from qaec2.db.table_name: 1126007
> >
> Deleting in a target is normal behavior for either source deletions or updates; basically any rows that Bucardo has noted in the delta tables will be attempted be deleted in the target with any existing source versions copied over afterwards. Since it does these in a single transaction this will be an atomic action so the target will end up with the rows inserted/updated in the source actions and will remove any of the ones deleted.
> If there has been a batch update or delete that would have touched that many rows there is no cause for concern.
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> David
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Thanks David,

So if I understand you correctly, these messages are Bucardo updating records in the burcardo database - and then making the changes to the destination database?  There would have been changes to the source database since the full pg_dump so I do expect updates.

I just want to make sure Burcardo isn’t seeing an empty destination source and deleting records from the source database to keep them in sync. :)

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