[Bucardo-general] BUCARDO and BDR

Mauricio Tassara mtassara at jusrionegro.gov.ar
Thu Apr 11 16:47:53 UTC 2019

Hi David,

BDR allows you to replicate specific tables on specific schemas, but the 
need to create primary keys applies to the entire database independently 
that some tables will not replicate.

We did the following test and it worked: 1) We configured Bucardo defining 
the master database on an installation without BDR.

2) We defined primary keys for all delta_xxxx, stage_xxxx and track_xxxx 

3) We defined tentative primary keys for the bucardo's tables:

4) We imported the modified bucardo schema in the database with BDR.

5) We added a synchronization with the database with BDR and everything 
worked correctly.

We would like to validate with you the primary kyes to assign to the 
Bucardo's tables detailed in step 3 to avoid problems in the future. Wich 
fields should we select as primary key for each Bucardo's tables?

Thank you.

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