[Bucardo-general] Replicatiing sequences

Jeff Ross rossj at cargotel.com
Tue Dec 24 23:09:09 UTC 2019

According to the latest docs for bucardo 5.5.0, sequences will be 
replicated if bucardo knows about them.

When I set up our master <-> master replication I added all the 
sequences with

     bucardo add all sequences db=cargotel_dev

Then I specifically added the sequences that are used by the tables in 
the load relgroup with

bucardo add sequence \
     load_id_seq load_det_id_seq loadacct_batch_id_seq 
client_profile_id_seq users_id_seq quote_id_seq \
     ref_load_status_pg_id_seq trailer_id_seq truck_id_seq lang_id_seq \
     ref_quote_status_id_seq ref_quote_type_id_seq driver_id_seq 
ref_employment_type_id_seq \
     ref_client_status_pg_id_seq client_flags_id_seq 
carrier_rating_id_seq railcar_id_seq \
     load_flags_id_seq load_flags2_id_seq link_load_det_id_seq 
load_events_id_seq \
     load_log_pg_id_seq load_log2_pg_id_seq load_cmt_id_seq 
client_events_id_seq \
     insp_flags_id_seq insp_gm_data_id_seq insp_gm_areaid_seq 
insp_gm_severity_id_seq \
     insp_gm_what_id_seq insp_gm_where_id_seq ref_load_flags2_id_seq 
ref_load_date_id_seq load_date_id_seq \
relgroup=load db=cargotel_dev

Sequences are not replicating though----the secondary database sequences 
are not updated when a row is inserted on the primary side, so when a 
row is inserted from the secondary side it fails with a duplicate key 
error as it attempts to insert a row with an id that has already been used.

Digging in a little I found the bucardo_sequences table in the bucardo 
schema of the primary database that looks like it should be related to 
replicating sequences but even after adding the sequences with the 
commands above it is empty.

If bucardo really isn't able to replicate sequences I can write a 
trigger to run on both sides that would reset the sequence with the 
max(id) of the table but I'd rather let bucardo handle replicating the 




Jeff Ross
rossj at cargotel.com

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