[Bucardo-general] Syncing a large table

Jeff Ross rossj at cargotel.com
Tue Jul 23 18:37:39 UTC 2019

I have a pretty large table (157 million rows) that I need to add to a 
sync group.  I've tried multiple times now to get the group to sync but 
it contines to fail.  I removed that large table from the group and made 
another sync group with just that table.

Now the original group without that large table syncs just fine--but the 
new sync group continues to fail.

I made the sync with this:

bucardo add sync load_events_sync relgroup=load_events 
dbs=cargotel_sync,metro_sync onetimecopy=1

The error message I'm getting is this:

[postgres at aeneas ~]$ bucardo status load_events_sync
Last bad                 : Jul 23, 2019 10:43:40 (time until fail: 2h 
11m 26s)
Sync name                : load_events_sync
Current state            : Bad
Source relgroup/database : load_events / cargotel_sync
Tables in sync           : 1
Status                   : Active
Check time               : None
Overdue time             : 00:00:00
Expired time             : 00:00:00
Stayalive/Kidsalive      : Yes / Yes
Rebuild index            : No
Autokick                 : Yes
Onetimecopy              : Yes
Post-copy analyze        : Yes
Last error:              : Failed : DBD::Pg::st execute failed: SSL 
SYSCALL error: EOF detected at /usr/local/share/perl5/Bucardo.pm line 
4830. Line: 5037 Main DB state: 08000 Error: 7 DB cargotel_sync state: ? 
Error: none DB metro_sync state: ? Error: none  (KID 5245)

This almost seems like more of a time out event than an SSL SYSCALL error.

Is it possible to pre-load that big table on the target database with 
pg_dump and then start the sync?  It appears that the answer is no 
because in reading bucardo.pm around that line 4830 that bucardo works 
hard to make sure that the target table is empty before starting.

What might I do to get this to finish?

And, related, when I get this sort of failure the size of that single 
table in the target database is greater than the entire source schema!

Here's the source schema:

postgres at cargotel_dev [local]# select 
  101 GB
(1 row)

Here's the size of the target database:

metro_sync at metro_sync pgbouncer.cargotel.com# \l+
List of databases

─[ RECORD 1 ]─────┼───────────────────────────────────────────
Name              │ metro_sync
Owner             │ metro_sync
Encoding          │ UTF8
Collate           │ en_US.UTF-8
Ctype             │ en_US.UTF-8
Access privileges │
Size              │ 175 GB
Tablespace        │ pg_default
Description       │

After dropping that load_events table, the metro_sync database is only 32G.

So I'd appreciate some clarification on why that is.

Thanks in advance!

Jeff Ross


Jeff Ross
rossj at cargotel.com

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