[Bucardo-general] Bucardo log not working

Max Jose Araya Duran maraya at snapfinance.com
Wed Jul 24 17:54:21 UTC 2019


I am having an issue with bucardo log. I have just installed a new version and replication is working but in this new installation the log is not showing me when a sync is kicked.

Normally I can see this:
11144) [Mon May 16 23:08:57 2016] KID (fiveway) Totals: deletes=36 inserts=28 conflicts=0
(11144) [Mon May 16 23:09:02 2016] KID (fiveway) Totals: deletes=38 inserts=29 conflicts=0
(11144) [Mon May 16 23:09:22 2016] KID (fiveway) Totals: deletes=34 inserts=27 conflicts=0
(11144) [Tue May 16 23:15:08 2016] KID (fiveway) Totals: deletes=10 inserts=7 conflicts=0
(11144) [Tue May 16 23:59:00 2016] KID (fiveway) Totals: deletes=126 inserts=73 conflicts=0

But now in my test environment when I insert data in a table, this is replicated correctly but I can't see anything in the log as normally does. Do you know the reason?


Max Araya

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