[Bucardo-general] Filtering sync data in multi-master architecture

IT Technical Analyst FOD fo.ittechnicalanalyst at emergency.it
Tue Nov 5 16:15:00 UTC 2019

Hi everyone,
I have a multi-master architecture of postgres databases with a central one (HQ) and several distributed around the globe (field offices).

Each of the field office's databases has limited availability of a network connection, and can (and should) work only on a small portion of data, related to that field's activity.

Every table in my datamodel containing data related to field offices has a column (eg. "field_id") that allows data segregation.
What I'm looking for is a way to filter data using this "field_id" to sync with every office only data from the HQ database related to that office.

Previously there was a feature called "custom select" https://bucardo.org/Bucardo/customselect/ but it seems to be deprecated.
Is that true?

If true, there is another way to satisfy this requirement?

PS: please note that this sync is multi-master, so data can be inserted/deleted/updated locally (in the field offices) and then they must come back to the central db.
There should be no conflicts because every office works on a different subset.
Of course when I sync back data to HQ I don't need any filter.

Thanks in adavance, any help or suggestion would be very much appreciated!

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