[Bucardo-general] Upgrade to PostgreSQL 13

Jon Jensen jon at endpoint.com
Thu Dec 3 02:42:16 UTC 2020

Hello, Andreas.

On Fri, 13 Nov 2020, Andreas Wahler wrote:

> 1. During Postgres migration from 9.3 -> 13.0 via pg_dump we'll also 
> jump from bucardo 5.4 to 5.6. Could we keep the table structure, 
> triggers etc. during the upgrade or do we have to make a fresh bucardo 
> install?

I believe you can keep the bucardo schema as is, but of course you should 
test that on a copy of your database.

> 2. Log level "normal" doesn't show us any activity within the bucardo 
> log; on "verbose" it is very talkative. At bucardo 5.4 we ran on 
> "normal" and got log entries each time, a table content was changed. Is 
> there an adequate option at bucardo 5.6?

I wonder if the changes made in this commit are the cause of that 


Greg Sabino Mullane evidently felt that the normal logs should be quieter.

Personally I would probably just use verbose mode and tolerate the extra 
noise, and rotate & compress the logs more frequently if needed.

> We've already tested a mixed operation with bucardo 5.6 with PG 9.3 on 
> one hand and PG 13 on the other side without any issues.Also 
> installation and setup of 5.6 upon a fresh database server was very easy 
> and successful; many thanks at this point!

That is great to hear!


Jon Jensen
End Point Corporation

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