[Bucardo-general] replicating large database with 5.5.0

David Welch david at gridium.com
Tue Jan 21 14:32:40 UTC 2020

I am using Bucardo to migrate a db that is several terabytes. I did some
initial tests and it was going to take about a week. I am a little worried
about setting session_replication_role to 'replica' for that long and was
hoping to speed up the process by using pg_dump/pg_restore and then finish
up with bucardo to get the final few rows.

I'm having some trouble figuring out the exact sequence of commands to get
this working. My guess is something like:

1) pg_dump source_db
2) Add dbs and tables to bucardo
3) Add the sync --

./bucardo add sync the_sync status=inactive onetimecopy=0
relgroup=copying_herd dbs=source_db:source,dest_db:target herd

4) pg_restore dest_db

5) ./bucardo activate the_sync

Is this the right way? One thing I am confused about is what the 'autokick'
option does and if it is needed here.


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