[Bucardo-general] General clarifications about users permissions

Rodrigo Rodovalho rodrigo.rodovalho at gmail.com
Mon Jul 6 02:56:29 UTC 2020


I'm having a little trouble setting up the correct postgres permissions of
the databases involved in a two element multi-master environment. I would
like to describe here my understanding and gently ask for clarifications in
what is wrong. In my tests, I was able to make it work while the tests were
made in a single machine using pgbench. Now, with two, I'm having constant
authentications failures.

My setup is a multi-master environment, master-1 and master-2.
- Master-1:
  * IP: master_1_ip
  * Target Database:
       > Name: database_name
       > User: user_name
       > Password: password_1
  * Bucardo Database:
       > Name: bucardo
       > User: bucardo
       > Password: bucardo_pass_1
  * pg_hba.conf:
      > local           bucardo                        bucardo           md5
      > local           database_name           bucardo           md5
- Master-2:
  * IP: master_2_ip
  * Target Database:
     > Name: database_name
     > User: user_name
     > Password: password_2
  * postgresql.conf:
     > listen_address = 'master_2_ip'
  * pg_hba.conf:
     > master_1_ip     database_name     user_name       md5

My commands so far, on Master-1:
    $ bucardo add db database_local dbname=database_name
    $ bucardo add db database_remote dbname=database_name port=5432
host=master_2_ip user=user_name password=password_2 <---- This connection
works fine!
    $ bucardo add dbgroup database_group database_local:source
    $ bucardo add all tables relgroup=tables_group  <---- ISSUE HERE:
"FATAL:  Peer authentication failed for user "bucardo" at line 64" (it
really says *peer*)
    $ bucardo add sync sync_name telgroup=tables_group

In the steps above, I'm a little confused about what each produces in terms
of database iterations. For instance, in the "bucardo add all tables..."
command, what is happening? Maybe a step by step explanation of
which database are being worked could help...

Please Notice:
- In both masters, the target's database name and database user are the
- In each master, the user's passwords are different.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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