[Bucardo-general] Regarding Bucardo's operation over unstable link

Rodrigo Rodovalho rodrigo.rodovalho at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 22:51:25 UTC 2020


I was wondering if anyone could give some perspective about Bucardo's
operation over a slow and unstable link between databases.

Just to provide some clarification and background: we would like to
synchronize, in a master-to-master fashion, two databases. One of them
would be a Linode instance running on a fixed IP. The other would be a home
graded server in a small city, subject to a somewhat unstable connection,
and also a *variable IP*.

Is Bucardo ready to deal with the possible disconnection or IP changes?
What would be the steps in order to keep the synchronization working with
these environmental changes? In this case, I imagine that the best
approach would be the Bucardo manager (and its database) being running in
the machine with the variable IP, correct? Do you guys think that a
VPN between the two machines is necessary?

Also, the connection between the two points is rated at 5mbps. Is it
enough, considering a very small use of 100 insertions/updates per hour of
online forms (personal details, professional profile, etc)?

Thank you very much for your support.
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