[Bucardo-general] 5.6 changes

Jeff Ross rossj at cargotel.com
Fri May 22 22:08:54 UTC 2020

Hi all,

We're getting a lot of errors in syncs after upgrading to 5.6 in a 
master <--> master setup.  The left master is the dominant side, 
supposedly the right side is not yet trying to insert/update back to the 
left side.

 From the logs it almost appears that we are getting both of these:

     a)  inserts/updates from left are applied to right, then right 
tries to re-apply them back to left.  This results in a pkey_conflict on 
the left side.

     b)  sequences now appear to be replicated?  This is a long shot but 
before upgrading to 5.6 I had set left side sequences to increment by 2, 
starting with odd and right side sequences to increment by 2 stating 
with even.  Now. left side gives even numbers for nextval(seq) and it 
should not.  I've tried to reset this multiple times with no 
success--but it *had* been working prior to upgrade to 5.6.

Any ideas are most welcome!



Jeff Ross
rossj at cargotel.com

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