[Bucardo-general] Advice needed for remove one server and add another

Videanu Adrian videanuadrian at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 16 12:35:34 UTC 2021

Hi all, 

I have a situation and I just want to validate with the community if my approach is ok.
I have a Master-Master setup of 4 servers in different geographical regions. 
What I want to do is to remove one of these servers and add another one in a different part of the world.The thing is that I would like to export the DB from the one that will be removed and import it on the new one (as I want to recycle a sequence).
My current setup is that I have a Sync that uses a dbGroup where all servers are mapped as sources.

My approach is like this: 

- Deactivate the sync- update the dbgroup with only the remaining 3 servers (this way I can continue replication between these 3 servers)  (bucardo update dbgroup foobar s1 s2 s3:source)
- remove the db from bucardo config  (bucardo remove database MyDB)
- activate and start the sync
- export the db and move to new server- create the new DB in bucardo, that will point to the new server
- deactivate the sync
- update dbgroup with all 4 servers (3old + 1 new) - hoping that this will update the sync that uses this dbGroup  (bucardo update dbgroup foobar s1 s2 s3:source)
- reactivate and start the sync in the new config
I am aware that I will miss the updates that happened between when I have removed and readded the new DB, but I think I can handle this after with some updates on one of the old server (that will propagate the changes on all servers (including the new one)).

What do you think?

 Thank you, Adrian VideanuSkype: videanu.adrianTel:+40723864025
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